Year 2 walked down to the war memorial to place poppy wreaths in remembrance of service personnel.
We then walked through town to look at the house where Harold Ackroyd used to live.
He was a medic during World War 1 who sadly lost his life helping others and was awarded both the MC and VC.

The Great Fire of London

We’ve had a great half term learning all about London in the 1600s from The Plague to The Great Fire.
We’ve made model houses ready to re-create the fire with the help of Royston Fire Brigade.

Samuel Pepys

Made by Year 2 as part of our Harvest Scarecrow Trail.

Katie Morag

Year 2 have been looking at Katie Morag stories that are based on the Island of coll.
We have been busy designing and making island vehicles.
Once our vehicles were finished we went outside and raced them.

Theatre Time and Reindeer

What a busy half term it has been.
Our topic has been ‘Theatre Time’ so we have re-told and written traditional tales.
We’ve made glove puppets of characters by learning to sew!

We’ve also worked really hard on producing a Christmas Play with music and narration for you to enjoy at home.

The end of term was celebrated with Christmas lunch

and a visit from a reindeer! Happy Christmas.

Autumn Term

Wow, what a busy start to the new school year we’ve had.
We’ve got used to hand washing at regular intervals as well as having lots of fun with our new learning.

We’ve had golf lessons with Luke from Royston Golf Club and have really improved our skills.

Our main topic for this Half Term has been The Great Fire of London.
We’ve had a drama workshop where we re-created the sights and sounds of Pudding Lane in 1666.

We also re-created the actual fire with the help of Royston Fire Brigade.

We’ve written diaries in the style of Samuel Pepys and have read stories about rats and fleas who were there at the time!

We hope you enjoy the photos.

July 2020

Click on images to see full size versions.


Children working in school have created some delicious menus.



A book of riddles made at home.



In school the children working in Lark class with Miss Marshall &  Miss Morr-Pond have made and hung bird feeders.

Working From Home – June 2020



















Working in School – June 2020


At school we have made some Katie Morag Island’s for our D&T project.




Year 1 & Year 2 children working with Miss Marshall and Miss Morris-Pond

Working from Home – May 2020








Working in School – May 2020


Mrs Hyde and Mrs Stevens have had a very enjoyable week with the children in school.
We were very fortunate with the glorious weather, which was a perfect opportunity to take some of our lessons outside.

The KS2 children particularly enjoyed their Olympic theme for this week!
It was fun to use this theme as part of their learning, particularly linking Maths with PE.
The children were developing their understanding on time, seconds to be exact, to time one another on how many jumping jacks and hops on the spot they could do in half a minute (30 seconds).


The children also had an opportunity to use plenty of PE equipment to design their own Olympic style circuit and obstacle courses.
We all very much enjoyed participating in each child’s circuit.


Throughout the week, the children showed good sportsmanship skills and learnt how to participate in healthy competiveness.


A particular highlight for our EYFS and KS1 children was how much fun they had creating their own rainbows using paper, for a Science experiment.
They realised very quickly how our original method of using paper didn’t work.
This inspired them to work together to adapt their experiment and investigate other materials.

Mrs Atkins was also in this week again to do Music with the children.


In school this week the children have enjoyed doing some cooking and during music, with Mrs Atkins, the younger children listened to Vera Lynn sing We’ll meet again and talked about her and the older children had a go at playing the National Anthem on Ukuleles!
We made bunting and decorations for VE Day celebrations.
On Thursday we celebrated VE Day with a street party.

Working From Home


I have enjoyed making a big rainbow in our window.

I enjoyed making clocks using the activity packs that Royston Museum kindly provided and have been using it lots to help with learning how to tell the time.

Working in School – April 2020

The children have had a lovely time in school this week. They’ve also done lots of work, including PE and some Science .

We  wrote some 100th birthday cards for Captain Tom Moore.  Some of the messages were very sweet.
It was a great opportunity to discuss who we are thankful for and why.
Lots of children mentioned their parents and the wonderful and important jobs they do.

The children  have created a new display that celebrates the NHS and Colonel Tom Moore in Finch Class.

Mrs Williams brought her butterflies into school for the children to look at. The children enjoyed holding them and discussing the life cycle of a butterfly. “I have never been this close to a butterfly before”, one child said. We looked at Red Admiral butterflies that had just hatched out from their cocoons and released one in the Reception outside garden which was exciting to see.



Today at 11 o’clock the children in school had a minute of silence to think about the Key Workers.
We then shared what we are thankful for. It was a wonderful moment of reflection and appreciation.



The children in school have all been working together at times from Nursery to Year 4!

Swan Class Assembly – The Owl and the Pussy Cat.

Swan Class did a great job with their assembly last week. They learnt the poem ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat’ by heart and performed it with added explanations and actions. Thank you to the visitors who came to watch.

Trip to Cambridge Zoological Museum & Scott Polar Research Institute

We had a great time on our trip this week.

At the Zoological Museum we learnt lots about different kinds of animals and how to tell what they eat by looking at their teeth. Nobody got bitten though! We looked around the museum and found lots of weird and wonderful things.

At the Scott Polar Research Institute, we discovered what it took to be a Polar explorer. We searched for things that explorers such as Shackleton took with them (including chocolate!) and looked at the vast number of clothes that modern explorers have to wear.

Many thanks to the adults who helped us, especially our volunteers. Both museums are free to visit and we’d love to go again!

It’s a puppet! (Oh no it isn’t.)

As part of our Traditional Tales topic, we designed and made glove puppets.
We used felt and other materials to create a story book character.
The sewing was quite tricky so we had to use all of our perseverance skills.
We hope you like the results.

The Great Fire of Icknield Walk

We’ve had a great half term learning all about the Great Fire of London. We’ve written diaries and stories, drawn and built houses and even made cakes in the style of Thomas Farriner. We held our open event for parents where we shared our work and burnt our houses! Many thanks to Royston Fire Brigade for their support.

September 1666

We’ve had a great start to Year 2. We’ve been learning about the Fire of London and what it would have been like to have lived in London in 1666. We’ve had a drama workshop full of the sights and sounds of the fire. We are looking forward to our open event later this half term.

Freshwater Theatre
Fire of London Workshop

‘It was exciting’ – Ed
‘We used a lot of imagination’ – Grace
‘There were a lot of questions’ – Esme
‘We got medals for being a genius’ – Elodie
‘We were adventurous’ – Elliot

 We were:

Pretending to be fire.
Creating a scene from Pudding Lane to learn what London was like.
Escaping by boat to ‘Moorfield’

Summer Term

The Summer Term is at an end and it’s been a very busy one. We went to Cambridge Botanical Gardens and learn lots about different plant habitats. We’ve read stories about Katie Morag and learnt about life on the Isle of Coll. To end the term, as part of our Mexico topic, we enjoyed a fiesta.

We hope you all have a lovely summer holiday.

Science Day

Year Two have been working so hard this half term but we’ve also taken a little time off to enjoy ourselves. We learnt about all sorts of things during Science Day, how the nose works, what animal eats what, what makes things fizzy and loads of other cool Science stuff. Many thanks to the adults who made such a fun afternoon possible.




Year 2 have been enjoying our Castles topic. We have made castles out of biscuits and icing.
Year 2 made these Castles because we were reading a book called ‘Castles’ by Colin Thompson. The book illustrated castles made out of lots of different materials, even mashed potato! We drew our own castle designs and wrote castle descriptions.
Also, we have been making castles with a winding mechanism for our drawbridge in Design and Technology lessons. 


Swan Class Assembly

Our assembly was all about famous explorers. We learnt lots about different explorers this term including Amelia Earhart, Neil Armstrong and Mae Jemison. We wrote poems, newspaper reports and fact files. We hope you enjoyed our assembly.




Off To Space

We’ve flown to space this half term, learning about Neil Armstrong and Mae Jemison.

‘Hey Ewe!’

The Great Fire of London (at Icknield Walk).

We’ve had a great half term learning lots of history about the Great Fire of London. We enjoyed a visit from a story teller with lots of drama to bring London to life. We made houses as part of our DT work. Parents enjoyed our open event where we shared our work, did a variety of activities and ate some bread and cheese. The event was topped off with a visit from Royston Fire Brigade who helped recreate the Great Fire and gave us some good safety tips.

2018 Arts Festival

We’ve had a great start to the year with our Fire of London topic. We made collages, some of which went off to be displayed at the Royston Arts Festival. Fingers crossed that the fire brigade will make our open event on Friday 12th October.